Bike Check: Chris Smith

Over the last 14 months ‘Chris Smith’ has been actively product testing for Dartmoor Bikes (UK) components – This has centred mainly around reviews on his website – ‘ValleySideDistro’. Chris is currently preparing for a video review of the new 2012 ‘Thorn’ Cranks, amongst other Dartmoor components – However, here’s his online bike check to be going on with and keep your eyes peeled for the video review…

Rider: Chris Smith    

Sponsors/support: –

  • Dartmoor Bikes UK (testing/reviews)
  • Sugar Bikes
  • VP-USA               
  • VSD.                                                                                             

Location: Mid-Wales, UK

-Frame: Sugar “The Frame”.
-Forks: Deco “FuForks” (Metal orange, Inc tabs).
-Headset: Dartmoor “Prime OEM” 2012.
-Stem: Dartmoor “Reflect”.
-Bars: Dartmoor “Strike”.
-Chain: Dartmoor “Core Lite”.
-Sprocket: Superstar “Pimp Disc” Sprocket (25t).
-Cranks: Dartmoor “Thorn” Cranks (170mm).
-Bottom Bracket set: “Superstar/Spanish BB”.
-Pedals: Primo “Josh Stricker” plastic pedals.
-Seat-post clamp: Integrated into the frame.
-Seat/Seatpost: Dartmoor “Fatty” Seat/Post Combo.
-Front tire: Maxxis “Ringworm ”.
-Front rim: 36h Dartmoor “Raider” Rim.
-Front hub: Dartmoor “Razor Street” Hub.
-Rear rim: 36h Proper “Magnalite” Rim.
-Rear tire: Premium.
-Rear hub: Proper 14mm “Microlite” Cassette Hub (9t).
-Pegs: Snafu “Hex” pegs.
-Weight: Light!

Any modifications? “No – But I ride breakless”.

How does it ride? “Really nice and everything is solid”.

Any plans for 2012? “I’m going to make a test video for Dartmoor Bikes, UK. And I’m doing some road-trips with Fluid BMX Store”.

* To see some more photos of the parts Chris is testing you can click here!


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